The Little Acorns

Education For Everyone

The Little Acorns (ASD class) provides the opportunity for students with autism to follow the curriculum at a pace and level appropriate to them and to participate in mainstream activities and classes where they are able.

The concept of having ASD classes as part of a mainstream primary school is based on the principle that mainstream classes aren’t always the best setting for a child with Autism.

Autism classes within a mainstream school allow children to integrate into the mainstream school community, participate as far as possible in the curriculum, but with additional supports and resources in the areas they find difficult.

ASD classes typically have 6 students with one teacher and 2 Special Needs Assistants.  

little acorns asd class classroom


In Ms O Briens class the children have a very busy time. They learn through play and have lots of fun. Sensory play can be lots of fun and messy! The children enjoy learning to bake and make different snacks and treats, they are the best chefs and bakers! During arts and crafts the children make lots of creative decorations and pictures to hang up at home.

In our class we work together in a group and sometimes work independently at our work stations during the day. We are learning our numbers, letters, nursery rhymes and a lot of the same work as Ms Doona is teaching in Junior Infants in our class. 

Sensory Room

The children like relaxing in their sensory room. Our sensory room is dark and has lots of bubble lamps and teddy’s and even some bean bags and a swing for the children to relax and to to chill out in! Sensory play can be very beneficial and the children can have lots of fun.

little acorns asd class sensory room
little acorns asd class play area for children

Activities Space

In the Little Acorns class we really enjoy lunch time in the playground! We love playing on the swings and seesaw, riding our bikes and go carts and playing on the scooter. 6th class come to play with us, we have great fun playing together!

We often spend time with junior infants for different subjects or playtime or lunch time! Sometimes we play in the hall where we jump on the trampoline, run around, play on our bikes and scooters and have fun in our ball pit!

The Little Acorns

Extra Activities

Once a week the children go to Banna where they enjoy swimming in the pool and spending time in Pirate Pete’s playing and climbing. They always look forward to their weekly trip to Banna.  The children love going on school trips, Our trips to Sandy Feat are great fun and the children love seeing all the animals and having a ride in the tractor!

The Little Acorns like going for nature walks, 6th class come with us on our nature walks and we walk all the way up the mountain to see the Holy Mary statue. We even went blackberry picking in the Autumn! Yum!!! 

If you have any questions about our ASD Class.

The Little Acorns

A Commitment to The Future

In Scoil Naomh Erc, we believe strongly in the model of integration between our ASD class and the rest of the school.

Which is why we are presently working with a Design Team led by architect Tadhg Casey to design a new ASD class building.

Tadhg, who is a Tralee based Architect and a former pupil of ours was a natural choice for what will be an amazing addition to our school.

The new building will be a huge bonus to the whole school community and will include a hard and soft play area, a Central Activities Space, 2 ASD classrooms, 2 small safe places, a multisensory room, a toilet and shower area.